Connecting Faith and Health

We work with individuals to connect health care, faith communities and neighbors to promote a holistic atmosphere of health, healing and wellness.

All of our work is based on truth, care, dignity, and education to improve the total health of our neighbors.

FaithHealth Appalachia connects community resources, hospitals, faith communities, health care facilitates, and social services to improve the total health of individuals.

What are the goals of FaithHealth Appalachia?

To bridge the gaps that exist between healthcare providers, faith communities, community organizations, and other resources to better care for the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs existing within our community.

To integrate isolated segments of our population toward the greater neighborhood around them for better care physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

To create a culture of wellness by improving access to resources that will elevate holistic wellness in our neighborhoods.

“Being a connector for FaithHealth Appalachia involves listening, learning, and building relationships. We connect with faithleaders and community stakeholders to know how and who can best help. Our job is to facilitate and connect while empowering those meeting needs in our community to do so better—when they succeed, we succeed.”

Christy Faucette, Highlawn Community Connector