Faith Health
Church Covenant Form

A Covenant of Caring through Shared Communities

FaithHealth Appalachia serves as a conduit that connects community resources, hospitals, faith communities and more, to promote truth, care and education that improve the total health of individuals and the community. Combining our strengths, covenant partners agree to join together to improve the health of communities in the Tri-State region (represented by the counties within and surrounding the Ashland-Ironton-Huntington metropolitan area at the intersection of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia).

FaithHealth Appalachia Commitments

1. Provide human resources to give leadership to FaithHealth Appalachia and assist partner organizations and faith communities.

2. Seek funding opportunities to enhance the connection of Health Care resources to those in need.

3. Provide community assets mapping to identify and connect individuals to health-related resources. Provide listing of resources to faith communities and hospitals.

4. Provide assistance in better access to appropriate care

5. Create and maintain programs that will enhance physical, spiritual and emotional wellness

6. Serve as a liaison between Mountain Health Network and participating faith communities.

Mountain Health Network in partnership with FaithHealth Health Appalachia Commitments:

1. Provide orientation to clergy and partnering faith communities as valued members of the health care team, including facilitating access to patients, providing hospitality services, privacy, visitation and hospital system navigation.

2. Welcome spiritual care during hospitalization.

3. Develop a plan to connect individuals to needed services following discharge from hospital.

4. Provide health-related information and education to faith communities for disease prevention, management, access points and wellness

5. Assist Faith Communities in evaluation of facilities for medical readiness.

6. Provide regular health screenings to community.

7. Support FHA program, serving the faith-based community and community at-large by providing health trainings, supporting faith based health improvement efforts, and engaging faith leaders in new cooperative efforts for earlier prevention of chronic diseases and healthier outcomes.

Faith Community Commitments:

1. Participate in training events relevant to the needs and interests of the participating faith community.

2. Embrace a missional emphasis by offering care to one’s neighbors and community.

3. Explore wellness programs for their faith communities, neighborhoods and communities (such as health screenings, health fairs, physical fitness and educational events).

4. Help to promote Health Initiatives of FHA and local hospitals.

5. Support FaithHealth Appalachia and Mountain Health through prayer.

6. Support and strengthen existing health ministries within the congregation and be open to exploring new opportunities.

7. Participate in ways to address social determinants of health as it relates to your vision and mission as a congregation.

FaithHealth Appalachia Community Partner Commitments

Other health care providers and community organizations interested in promoting health are invited to contribute their strengths and resources to expand in the effort of address social determinants of health in the Tri-State community. In doing so, partners commit to the following principles and guidelines:

1. Partner with FHA in seeking ways to address social determinants of health needs in the Tri-State community.

2. Work collaboratively with other FaithHealth partners to improve health outcomes for individuals and local communities.

3. Contribute your organizations particular strengths or capacities to strengthen the holistic health of the Tri-State region.

4. Work collaboratively with partners to address health needs.

We agree to join together in this covenant to bridge the gaps that exists between healthcare providers, faith communities, community organizations and resources to better care for the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs that exist within the community.