Being the leader of FHA run/ walk group has been such a blessed and rewarding experience. I have had a passion for physical fitness for most all of my life and it’s so awesome to be able to share some of that passion in a Christ- centered atmosphere. From seeing all the wonderful connections, to hearing the supporting voices, watching the children have so much fun, and all of the love being spread, warms my heart and fuels my fire for more physical and spiritual fitness.  It has seemingly been a great encouragement to those in attendance to find support to meet common goals in a community of likeminded individuals. I always try to be an encouraging, uplifting, positive person and I pray that rubs off on others to spread that joy that I find in loving God through loving others. As we continue to build the program, I want to stay focused on living out the Gospel through Gospel centered relationships within each of our passions. This group has allowed such to be true in my life, and I look forward to building on these relationships into this New Year. The combination of spiritual and physical fitness is really such a blessing that I want to see more individuals, families, faith leaders, and congregations plug into in 2020 to enjoy the many great blessings that I have been privileged to enjoy through this wonderful group of people.